Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gibside Wedding Photography Workshop: Part Two

 These are the second set of photographs from the photography workshop at Gibside. The Chapel at Gibside was absolutely beautiful, It had a slightly unusual set up with a raised platform in the centre surrounded by railing (which you can see to the side of some of my photographs) and no seating. The lighting in the chapel was beautiful, it had just started raining outside as we went in, and the white cloud gave a lovely even light. This meant I could capture quite light images without having to significantly lower my ISO. I also mainly used my 50 mm prime lens which works extremley well in lower lighting conditions.

After the service we went outside to do the formal portraits with the bride and groom. Unfortunatley the front of the chapel was off limits to us because of construction work being done, which was a shame as the front is a beautiful Georgian structure. Instead we had to use the side of the building, but the final images still work quite well I think.

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