Saturday, 29 April 2017

Carrie & Joe - Blaithwaite House - North East Photography

I photographed a beautiful wedding a few weeks ago at Blaithwaite House near Carlisle. Carrie wasn't feeling too well on the day but that didn't stop her looking radiant in her classic dress and the location was lovely. You can see more photos from the full wedding on my website HERE

Friday, 28 April 2017

Island Hop - Lindisfarne Island - North East Photography

My friend and I decided to visit Lindisfarne Island, which is just off the coast of Northumberland. To get to the island you have to cross a causeway that is only open at certain times of the day and you have to be very careful otherwise you might get stranded there! We actually did struggle with the timings, we nearly missed the slot for crossing, but we got across and had a lovely walk around the island. It was a little bit windy, but overall lovely weather.

Laurie & Sean Family Portraits - Causey Bridge - North East Photography

I had the privilage to spend a bit more time with the family of Laurie and Sean whose wedding I shot last year and was featured on 'Love My Dress' wedding blog. (which you can see on my website here) We went for a little walk around Causey Bridge near where they got married and captured some lovely photos of their family. For a family who don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, they are all very photogenic!

Alice Portrait Session - Northumberland - North East Photography

While doing a small course with 'Photo Barn' I did a small portrait session with Alice. She is very easy to photograph with her striking eyes and beautiful hair. >

Haidee Portrait session - Family Portraits - Northumberland - North East Photography

I went to the beach with Amanda and Haidee to take some portraits of Haidee. It was quite cold, but Haidee quickly warmed up running up and down the dunes! She was not keen to put on the skirt that Amanda had looked out for her, but we managed to convince her to put it on for a few of the photos!A great afternoon at the beautiful seaside.

Woodland Walk - Alnwick, Northumberland - North East Photography

I found a new walk along the river just on the very outskirts of Alnwick. Considering it is only just outside of the town it feels very secluded and peaceful. Amarouk certainly enjoyed it and this is the most I have ever seen him go into the water, he usually just skirts around the edge without wanting to get his paws wet at all!

Sunset Over the Moors - Northumberland - North East Photography

I went for a walk through the woods near lemmington woods with my two close friends and we ended up on top of a nice rock face where we sat and watched the sun go down. I love now that it stays light a bit later so sunset is starting to be at an easier time again. I am always so stunned by the beauty of the northumberland countryside, I am so lucky to have grown up here.