Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ros Hill - Northumberland - North East Photography

You can tell it is heading into Autumn now as the sunset is getting earlier and earlier by the day, where an after work walk was previously in full sunlight it is now heading into darkness. At least it means we get to see a variety of lovely sunsets! We decided to head up to Ros Castle, near Hepburn Woods, this week to see the fields of heather and look out from the viewpoint across the countryside. From the Top of Ros Hill you can supposedly see seven different castle; we managed to make out the castle on Holy Island, Dunstunburgh Castle and Bamburgh castle but I think that was about it. It was a small hike to the top but nothing too trying and it was worth it for the view.

Ben & Libby - Healey Barns - North East Photography

Ben and Libbys wedding at Healey Barns Last month was really stunning and the venue was definitley up there amongst my favourites. Ben and Libby were such a laid back lovely couple who braved the woodland to get this series of beautiful intimate shots. You can see the full wedding up on my website [Here]

Northumberland Sunset - Lemmington Bank - North East Photography

The other evening was turning into such a clear and lovely night that I decided to take a pack up dinner and go out into the moors by Lemmington Wood and watch the sun go down over the countryside. It was very peaceful out there and the view was incredible. Although the low cloud slightly marred the final rays of the sunset, the mood and the light was still incredible. Perfect way to spend an evening.

Warkworth Beach - Northumberland - North East Photography

Another Beautiful evening another lovely walk on one of Northumberlands beaches. We don't go to Warkworth beach that often for some reason, whenever we go to Warkworth we tend to stick by the river but it is such a lovely beach I am glad we have rediscovered it recently!

Laurie & Sean - Beamish - North East Photography

Laurie and Sean's Wedding at the Black Horse pub at Beamish was possibly one of my favourite weddings to date. They were so relaxed about the whole day and the wedding had a very easy going and enjoyable vibe to it. They were a really lovely family and I enjoyed being part of their day. You can see the full wedding day on my website [here]