Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bridal Photoshoot: Part 1

I did a photoshoot with my friend Esther yesterday, basically to have a bit of practice and flesh out my portfolio a little bit. I had her wear a couple of outfits with flower and shoe variations so just have some fun capturing different details.
I will be posting the photographs in 2 parts, just because otherwise it would be a ridiculously long post!
We went to a woodland area next to the Rock Hall Estate (which I posted photographs of a few days ago) and it was really beautiful. It was a very bright sunny day, which was sort of a shame as it meant the light coming through the branches was very bright and harsh, making troublesome shadows at times.
I actually bought the dress that Esther is wearing here, for a mind blowing £12! I actually couldn't believe it. It was on ebay for £12 and it was one of those listings where I almost assumed it wouldn't look anything like the image because it was too good to be true! Then when it arrived I was so happy because it was actually still really quite nice. The lace on the bodice is maybe slightly to cheap looking for it to be a real wedding dress, but the back of the dress is just gorgeous with the low back with buttons and the long flowing train. It was exactly what I wanted for this photo shoot so I was very happy. Onwards to the photographs!

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