Monday, 25 May 2015

Bridal Photoshoot: Part 2

Continuing on from yesterdays post, these are some more photographs from the styled Bridal shoot that I did on Saturday. I love the elegance and drama of the longer dress with the train that was photographed earlier but this dress worked so well because it really suits Esther's personality. Having known Esther for so long, nearly ten years, Ii could tell that this dress would really work for her, we even discussed that this would be what she might wear when it comes to her own wedding day. Its slightly more casual and fun while still being pretty. The pops of colour from the shoes and the flowers really bring out the brightness of her personality.

After taking some photographs in the woodland we also went down to Rumbling Kerns to take some more seaside photographs. It was really sunny but also really windy at the same time and we had so much trouble getting any nice pictures. I managed to get one or 2 but all the others weren't really successful which is a shame.

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