Wednesday, 6 May 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day #2

So clearly I am going to have trouble only taking one photo a day! I think rather than trying to limit myself to just one photo a day I will just say at least one, as really the whole point is just to get me to take more photos and be constantly practicing. I went on a walk at Sugarsands beach at Longhoughton this evening. It was slightly tricky as there seemed to be a lot of sheep milling around in the dunes which made Amarouk get very excited and he was pulling on his lead, making holding a camera at the same time a bit difficult. There was one black sheep amongst about 30 or so white sheep and I really wanted to get a photograph of the black sheep of the herd, but with the dog it was difficult to get close enough to get much of anything. I really like this photograph of Amarouk, I feel it captures his excitement and movement. I am actually surprised it turned out so nicely, with his eyes perfectly in focus, as it was taken while his lead was wrapped around my legs and he was desperately trying to tell me that there were sheep close by that were needing attention.

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