Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Charlotte Photoshoot

 I did a photo shoot with my cousin  last week to practice my portrait photography as well as play around with a few things I might face if I do wedding photography,such as veils. Charlotte is extremely photogenic (and beautiful) and a perfect model for this sort of thing and it was a lot of fun. The photograph that I actually like the best was actually sort of taken by accident and not planned at all.  She was wearing a long auburn wig for the photographs because I wanted a pre-raphaelite vintage feel to the images and because Charlotte had just had all her hair chopped off a few days before and she was feeling a bit self conscious about it. However, at the end of the day (about half 7 in the evening) we got back to the house and she took off the wig and even though her hair was all messy and pushed back from being up inside the wig I thought she looked amazing so I quickly took her out into the back garden and took a few quick shots and I think she looks incredible. The evening light is creating such soft flattering shadows on her face and, having used my trust 50mm lens at F/1.8, the background is nicely blurred out just showing the hints of the ivy behind her. I often find the best photographs are the ones that you haven't planned and weren't expecting.

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