Monday, 18 May 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 12

I have a photo shoot planned for Saturday with my best Friend Esther. Shes always very good at allowing me to dress her up and take her photo and has been my trusty model over the years. For the photo shoot I wanted a woodland location so I have been scouting around recently trying to find a place that had the right aesthetic as well as possibilities of a variety of images. Today I think I found my spot! Its a bit out of the way, near Rock Hall Estate, which is good because I didn't see a single other person while I was walking there so hopefully that means we would be relatively undisturbed. The woodland was beautiful with a little stream and the floor was littered with bluebells and various wildflowers. I can't wait until Saturday now!

And of course my trusty companion joined me on my exploration with a spring in his step!

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