Tuesday, 21 July 2015

AppleYard Flowers - North East Wedding Photography

For the Bridal shoot that I did with my friend Esther back in May, I used some flowers that I had ordered from AppleYard flowers. They do great bouquets that you can order online to be delivered at a specified time on a specific day. I really liked how loose and free their arrangements were with a nice vintagey feel. The bouquets come in different sizes, this bouquet was just the smallest size, they were all quite reasonably priced and very fresh and beautiful. Although they are based in London, the flowers were quickly delivered to me up in the North East, and were still fresh in a protective box so also not squished at all. This bouquet was actually quite basic as I was trying to preserve money, but they have really beautiful arrangements on there. If I had been buying for an actual occasion I would have gladly put a bit more money in to have one of their wildflower bouquets. You can see their flowers on their website HERE Below are just a couple of photographs of the flowers that I took during the shoot.

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